New ALS drug
(`Motor Neuron Disease` or `MND` also known as `Lou Gehrig's disease`)
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A previously unknown problem protein has been discovered
A specifically designed new ALS drug, RCH4, successfully suppresses it
 ​RCH4 is available free of charge on compassionate basis depending on availability and location

​​We are a charitable group and unfortunately due to the cost of providing this drug we are
currently unable to accept new applications for help, as existing PALS must take priority.
However, if you wish to contact us, it would be useful if you can provide the following information:

1/ Age and gender (Male or Female)
2/ How many months since you were diagnosed
3/ Your ALSFRS-R score when diagnosed
4/ What is your ALSFRS-R score now  (If you do not have an ALSFRS-R score sheet please request one to be sent to you)
5/ Your previous or current occupation or profession
6/ Height in Meters (e.g., 1.7)
7/ Weight in Kilos  (Pounds divided by 2.2)
8/ Is your doctor a specialist / consultant neurologist ?
9/ Do you have written confirmation of ALS diagnosis?
10/ Did you have, or ever had, another serious disease or serious infection?
11/ Do you have, or had, any allergies (e.g. Asthma)?
12/ Domestic arrangements - Live with spouse, partner, carer etc. ?
13/ Are you currently taking Riluzole?
14/ Are you currently taking `Edaravone` (`Radicava` / `Radicut`)

If you are contacting us on behalf of someone else, please use that persons name in the "Name" box below, and use your own name in your message. Thank you, as this avoids confusion.
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